Our water comes from Colac otway

  1. Water is collected from rivers, dams or underground, and pumped through pipes to where it is needed.
  2. Raw water from rivers is stored here to allow solid particles to settle to the bottom
  3. Special chemicals are added to float impurities to the surface, so they can be removed
  4. This process makes impurities settle to the bottom so that they can be removed. Special chemicals (called alum) are added to help impurities sink to the bottom and be removed
  5. The water is filtered through different filters (eg sand filter) to clean the water
  6. The pH of the water (how acidic it is) is checked and adjusted to the proper level
  7. The water is disinfected so that it is safe to drink (using chlorine or other methods)
  8. Clean drinking water is stored until it is needed by customers

Rock Cake Recipe


1 & 1/2 CS.R flour

1/2 tsp mixed spice

1/3 C butter

1 egg

1/4 cup milk



1. Sift the flour and mixed spice into a large bowl.

2.Rub in butter into flour and spice. It is ready when it resembles breadcrumbs.

3.Add raw sugar and mixed fruit with the flour mixture and stir.

4.Mix milk and egg together in small jug.

5.Pour milk and egg mixture into flour and using a wooden spoon stir until combined.

6.Place 12 even spoonfuls of mixture onto your greased trays. (3 rows of 4)

7. Bake for 15-20 minutes. They are ready when they are light golden brown in colour.

8.Cool rock cakes on wire rack to cool down before presenting your best three on small white plate.


my animal

I created an animal that is perfectly adapted to life on Maailma. Maailma is dark and cold most of the time, it rains almost all day and plants grow well on this planet.

Animals on this planet include a type of mouse, a large nocturnal hunting cat, fish, and a variety of insects.

My animal is T-bone a type of mouse, a large nocturnal hunting cat, a fish,  and a slug.

The adaptations it has made are

size : 20 foot 2

movement : flying

what it eats : plants ,insects and cats

How it gets its food : it rips out plants

How will it keep warm/cool : it will keep warm by going to T-snowmans mountains, and it will keep cool because of the rain.

Where will it shelter : it will shelter in T-snowmans cave.

How will it protect itself from predators: it will protect itself by flying away.


You cant just copy someones work you have to ask the owner  and if they say yes then you can copy.

This is how you reference a book you need to include the authors name, date of publication, name of the publisher, section, the section, title of the work,place of publication and pages and chapters used.

If I was Indonesian my name would be Nyoman because I’m the third born child in my family. If I lived in Samatra the key people in my life would be my uncles and my mum. Mum would be in charge of everytthing and I would have to do what ever she said.